Evergreen Country Club Addtional Information & History

Evergreen Golf Club: Steeped in rich history, Evergreen Golf Club was once a thriving farmland that housed the old Ellerslie Cross Country Club. Founders Walter and Arthur Ahern, intimately familiar with the land, envisioned the potential of a successful golf course in its place. Their intuition proved to be spot-on, as Evergreen Golf Club stands today as the only remaining daily-fee course built in Chicago during the early 1920s.
From their backyard, the Ahern brothers had a clear view of the land and a dream that they transformed into a reality. This unique heritage adds to the charm and allure of the Evergreen Golf Club, making it a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts.
The course layout, meticulously designed to make the most of its stunning natural surroundings, offers golfers a challenging and enjoyable experience. The beautifully maintained fairways and greens pay homage to the classic golf courses of the early 20th century, while still providing a modern and engaging experience for today's players.
Evergreen Golf Club is not just a golf course, but a testament to the vision and determination of its founders. As you walk its grounds, you'll feel a sense of history and tradition that sets Evergreen apart from other courses in the area. Embrace the spirit of the Ahern brothers as you embark on a memorable golfing adventure at this iconic Chicago landmark.

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