Glenview Park Golf Course Addtional Information & History

Incorporated on March 29, 1897, the Glen View Golf and Polo Club has remained on its original site in the tiny village of Golf as an 18-hole layout. By 1900, polo was dropped from the club's activities, as was the designated within the club's name. Another nine holes were built, primarily for women, on the former polo field. Early founders were from Evanston, several being faculty of Northwestern University. Interestingly, founders gave no consideration to locating within Evanston. The city's dry status and temperance attitudes were not endearng to Glen View's forfathers. The club paid $18,000 to the Dewes family for the 200 acre wooded site. In later years, the club sold property located south of Golf Road. Today, this land is owned by the Cook County Forest Preserve District, which operates the Chick Evans municipal course. Designed by club professional Richard Leslie, Glen View's 18-hole course measured 6,051 yards. The 17th hole was called 'Log Cabin' because of its log cabin that had once been the home of a pioneer family. Early club mbers included many associated with the railroad industry. Perhaps coincidentally, a one-car trolley operated from Evanston to the club. Other members were Daniel Burnham, Michael and John Cudahy, Charles Deering and even a couple of expresidentsv - William Howard Taft and Warren G Harding.

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