Hawks View Barn Hollow Addtional Information & History

Hawk's View Golf Club is recognized as one of the premier golf course facilities in the Midwest. An only 5 star rated course in the Lake Genenva area and rated in the top 25 new course from a Golf Magazine. Until now, they continue to upgrade their facilities by enhancing the property and services each and every year. Barn Hollow is an 18 hole with 2,708 course is designed to offer families, kids and beginning golfers an enjoyable golf experience while still offering low handicappers opportunity to sharpen the short game. Barn Hollow can be walked in about two hours or can take an electric cart because the course is built identical to Como Crossing with bent grass fairways, multiple tees and water coming into play on 7 holes. A great destinations for golf outing, league play, junior golf play and golfing before or after work.

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