Scherwood Executive Course Addtional Information & History

Scherwood Golf course is founded by Bill Christenson, built on 1966 and opened on September 4, 1967. In 1979, the golf property was sold to marvin and Eileen hanson, who still own and operate the business. In early 1980, another 24 acres was purchased on the East side of the complex to add another 9-hole executive course resulting in a 36-hole facility. In 1995 nine holes of the 18-hole executive course were removed to make room for the ex73 the Greens of Scherwood Townhomes. Another 20 acres on the southwest end of the property was acquired during the year of 1998. It was year 2004, when a new clubhouse addition and renovation was completed and making the Scherwood complete for golfing facility. The Executive Course consist of a 9 hole, 1700 yard and par 3 and 4 is available. The course is designed for beginners, families, and for a short game. It is manageable for the novice, but challenging for the players.

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