The Bog GC Addtional Information & History

The History started when the founder of The Bog, Terry Wakefield started to search a suitable sites for a high quality golf facility during the middle of 1990. Mr. Wakefield was motivated by a belief that excess demand existed to support a new, upscale golf course in the Milwaukee metropolitan market. The initial parameters for golf course site include a minimum of 200 contiguous acres, rolling topography, abundant and diverse natural features nearest to the downtown Milwaukee. In 1992, Mr. Wakefield selected a 272-acre parcel in the town Saukville and were signed with different individuals whose families had owned the site for decades. In the middle of the year, Mr. Wakefield commissioned a market study development of a golf course on the property. In the same year, Mar Wakefield and Mr. Robert W. Murphy, Jr. of Pittsburgh, PA, formed John Taylor Golf, Inc. (JTGI). JTGI, named from the two oldest son of Mr. Wakefield. Upon completion of the golf course, both men decided to named the golf and it was called The Bog. The maintenance facility was completed in February 1995. The Bog was intended to be public, daily fee golf course. The Milwaukee Athletic Club (MAC) and JTGI during late 1993 began discussing about potential affiliation of MAC members to acquire an exclusive access to The Bog. The result is a five year affiliation agreement with an ability to purchase all rounds of golf through the 1999 golf season. The Bog has 18 holes flow through 197 acres of wetlands, woods, rolling hills and wildlife habitat. The Bog is a par 72 championship golf course and up to 5,100 yards to 7,200 yards. The Bog designs offers an enjoyable experience but challenging blend of long and short holes, left and right doglegs, wide and narrow fairways, warying elevations, hazards, strategic bunkering, and gentle undulating greens. The teeing grounds and fairways have been covered with 4 to 6 inches of a sand base to enhance drainage, ensure a consistent playing surface, and provide an exceptional foundation to turf root zone development. The Bog venue provides a unique enjoyment which the game offers. The Bog mission is to provide their Customers with the best golfing experience available in Wisconsin. The Bog provides a beautiful surroundings and the golf operations staff are courteous and responsive. The administration office are very efficient and helpful. The food and beverage operation delivers a quality products with prompt, friendly service.

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